From the beginning in 1978, Kelowna based Culos Development has forged a reputation for high quality construction throughout the Central Interior of British Columbia.

The business is owned by Mike Culos, the sole shareholder and entrepreneurial bedrock upon which the company has grown. Whether working as a 20 year old in a Powell River pulp mill, delivering mail for Canada Post, harvesting fruit on a family orchard or in construction, Mike has always brought the same ethic to the table - an unbending commitment to the hard work required to bring any great idea to life. Culos Development has a long and proven history in construction and development, with a strong and steady hand enabling the company to weather the inevitable cycle of recession and prosperity for well over three decades.

Over 1500 residential housing units later, Culos Development has become synonymous with quality, integrity, openness, professionalism, innovation and fairness and for Mike Culos, the fulfillment of his long term vision to deliver high quality, affordable housing to markets throughout the Central Interior.

From site acquisition through planning, design, construction and project marketing Culos Development provides comprehensive and complete support. Our key personnel are highly experienced in all aspects of the construction industry and have a long, proven record of bringing projects to completion on time and on budget. We have worked extensively in the communities of the Central Interior, where reputation for honesty and integrity are hard earned and quickly lost, something we value above all else.

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